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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

May started out making me think it was late summer!  It was such warm and sunny weather!  But by the end of the month, it was back to typical May weather.  Cloudy, rainy, with a bit of sunshine now and then to make you keep up the hope that summer was really on its way.
It has warmed up enough that I have been sitting on my little porch with my morning latte.  Bazzel joins me.  Of course, there is not much wildlife action with him on guard, but I do manage to see a few chipmunks and humming birds.  He pretty much keeps the other birds away as he sits below the feeder just hoping for one to land.
I have only seen a bunny here a couple of times, this one was taken at my sister's place.
 The ferns are so pretty as they uncurl together in perfect symmetry. 
It pretty much amazes me how birds can hear a worm!  I mean, really!  what kind of hearing would it take for that??!!!  I sit there and watch in wonder as they cock their heads towards the ground to listen and then wammo!  out comes a worm!

Bazzel has never been a lap sitting cat, but for some reason, when I sit out there, he wants to sit on my lap. Maybe he likes the extra warmth.
It is so peaceful sitting out there, rain or shine, I am so blessed to have these moments as I begin my day.  There was a time, when kids were young and days were packed that I would never have imagined having this much time to myself.
Bonnie and I started out the month with a drive up to Clear Lake, Little Crater Lake and Timothy Lake up on Mt. Hood..  Three lakes that I have not been to before.

 This one is Little Crater Lake.  Such a pretty little lake...more like a large pond.  It was so deep and clear and really colorful.
For a couple of years now, there is a field on Hwy 26 that is so beautiful and yellow in full bloom.  I always forget to get a photo and this year, I made sure and got one right as the sun was setting. 
I just LOVE all the colors outside right now...not just the gorgeous flowers, but all those greens in the canyon as the trees get their leaves.

 Mother's and Daughters on Mother's Day
Alan came to Oregon for a little visit.  The family enjoyed seeing him again, along with Rosibel and Dina.
After all that warm and sunny weather, it was rainy and cloudy the whole time he was here.  My Mom's Cousin Carole was here from South Dakota too. 

 We wanted so much for her to see Oregon in the sunny weather.  But at least we did get a couple of clearings for a quick view of the mountain.

Friday, May 3, 2019

We arrived back home from California to a beautiful yard full of spring color. The daffodils didn't do well this year, I think because of all the snow, then sun, then snowy weather we had while they were popping up.  I had a few blooms, but not like they were last year.  But that is fine, the other flowers made up for them.
Even the dandelions we better than usual this year.
Lina got to spend a morning with me alone while the other two kids were at school and Jessi had an appointment.  It is always special to have one on one time with each of the kids.
Maria, Alison and I have planned for years to go to the Tulip Festival.  This year we made a last minute decision and were so happy it worked out.  With all the rain, we weren't sure what our day would be like, we took our boots and umbrellas.  But it was an amazing sunny and warm day for us.  We stopped in Oregon City and saw the water overflowing at the falls on the way.

I always love the chartreuse green in the canyon as the leaves begin leafing out.  It makes me feel like taking some of the color out so that it doesn't look like I added saturation in.  This is actually the color that I see as I look at it.
It is finally warm enough to sit outside and watch the sunrise.

Easter at my parents.  The older grandkids hid the eggs for the younger ones.

Josh and Alexis went to their Junior Prom.  Cyndi and Dan helped them go in style.  First off they flew down to Salem and picked them up, then gave them the keys to their Porsche to drive back! They went to the prom, which was canceled at the last minute, but they made the most of the night and had dinner someplace else.  The next day they drove the car back up and Cyndi and Dan flew them home!  What a memory!
Bazzel is getting old.  He is getting skinnier every day.  But that doesn't keep him from bringing in mice and last week, he even brought in a chipmunk!  Luckily, it was still fully alive and I was able to catch it and release it, which made Bazzel so mad!  He hissed at me and ran out the door like a spoiled little kid.
John's two sisters, Mary and Martha came for a visit.  They spent time with their Dad while they were here.  It was great weather and we really enjoyed our time together.

Oh...I didn't mention that I turned 63 this month.  I can't believe how fast I got to 63.  This sure isn't how I imagined it would be to be 63.  I used to think 60 was old...and the other day, I caught myself saying that 80 was young!  Times are changing what 'old' is!