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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The passing of a Mother.  
John's Mother.
Cleo June Dixon
Married for 72 years.
She was a Mother to 8 kids, 4 girls, 4 boys.
They raised their kids in California, moved with work to Alaska, then back down to Boring, Oregon.
Once they retired, they took off in their airstream to see the country, staying mostly in warm places and really was fond of Tucson where they stayed for the longest period of time.   
Finally they gave up the travels and settled back in Portland.
She was a nurse.  She was a fantastic cook and was famous with her kids for her pies and cinnamon rolls.  She loved eating out and was a wine connoisseur.  She loved, clothes, dishes and blankets.  Sunshine and warmth were top on her list.  She loved her church and going regularly to mass made her happy.  She loved horses, dogs and cats.  She taught me the secrets to getting stains out of my laundry...from grass to wine to dirt, you name it, she could get it out.  8 kids and being a perfectionist will do that to you.
She will be missed.    

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