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Monday, January 29, 2018


Bring on a new year! resolutions for me!  But my goal this year is to let my hair go to its normal color.  I have just been getting very curious what is under all the color.  I want to see if I even like it or not.  Worse case is that I don't like it and end up coloring over it all again.
January is a full month of birthdays, Johnjohn turned 42!  Yep, and Emily turned 19!  Why not admit I am getting older when my kids and grandkids are at the age I feel I am?
John, my Dad and Ariel all had birthdays too.

Bazzel is aging too.  He spends most of his time sleeping, but still brings in a mouse or bird now and then.  Last summer, he brought in a humming bird, and ate it completely right there on the spot!  wings, beak, feathers, feet.  I felt awful!  A week later,  there was another dead hummer!  I have no idea how he is able to catch them!
I started sewing lessons for Arianna.  She took to it as if she has been doing it all of her 5 years of life!  Unbelievable how she knew just how to work the foot pedal and ease on the machine to start sewing.  She threaded the needle like a pro! The whole time the machine is running, she has a little giggle going.
Once Arianna got home with her first project, a pillow, Josiah thought he should learn to sew too.  So of course we had a class for him then too.  He went right for it, just like Arianna and amazed me how fast he knew what to do.  I think that driving the little cars I bought them helped them know how to work that foot pedal.
Second week was a tic tac toe board, with buttons as playing pieces.
 They pinned and measured and sewed the lines, with a little velcroed pocket for storing the buttons.
 Lina got into the sewing mode to, but took a little more help than the other two.
 We will keep on with the classes as long as they want to keep on sewing.
I have been busy knitting in the evenings.  I made a hat with garbage trucks on it for Josiah and a sweater for Arianna.  I just now started one for Lina.  I will post the sweaters next month.
Bonnie was out for a visit.  Always with camera in tow, but once again, the mountain was behind clouds.  In the two+ years we have lived here, she has never seen the mountain from my house!

The month started out with some pretty crazy skies.  Beautiful sunrises, sunsets and weird clouds.  But it has ended with clouds and we have barely even seen the mountain the past couple of weeks.

We had some really rare clouds one day.  They made the news on TV and everyone had pictures of them on Facebook.  Asperitas Clouds.  They are one of 5 newly named types clouds

I can't believe I have the month posted before the month is over!
We are looking forward to heading south to Winnetka for Gabe's birthday next week. We are going to take the train along the coast route this time.  My parents are going with us.  We have a sleeper car as it takes 33 hours to get there!