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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

November, it is a memory now.  But a month full of memories. Fall colors hung around in the canyon longer this year than last.  And then suddenly one morning. Gone.  It seemed like overnight the leaves all decided to drop at once.  It went from vivid color to winter bare in just one night.  I swear it did.

The weather was sunny and warm and suddenly foggy and rainy.
 ...and we had rainbows while the sun and rain fought it out
Bazzel didn't know what to think of the sudden change of weather.
We were so happy for Joshua as he turned 16 and got his driver's license on his birthday.
A week later, it was time to celebrate Josiah's 7th birthday!
 He had a Godzilla/Volcano birthday this year.

 It took two trips to get his gift right.  The first one wasn't quite what he thought it would be, so we took it back and found a better one.
  I had my 3year check-up and am still showing no sign of cancer returning.  Of course I wore my necklace that Joshua gave me for Christmas that year.
 Mt. Hood was extra gorgeous this month.  I tried to narrow down the shots of it, but this was the best I could do.  From sunrise to clear sky to windy mountaintop to sunset, it did not disappoint. 

The photo below has a long line of geese headed out for the winter.  If you click on it it will enlarge and you can see it better.

 We had our first fire of the year.  
 Do you see the outline of a dog in the cloud?  It was pretty strange how the clouds opened up and you could see another layer of clouds and also blue sky behind there.

 My high school best friend Terri stopped in for a visit.  Nice to see her and catch up again.
 We had the smallest Thanksgiving that we have had in years.  None of the Grandkids were in town, so it was down to the three of us girls with Mom and a couple of guys.  John and his family were Klamath Falls at Rachel's parents', Dennis and his family were in Korea and Jessi and her family were in the Dominican Republic visiting his family.
 We are so thankful this year, as Dennis and his family traveled to Korea and were able to meet with the little girl that they are still trying to bring into their home.  It was a sweet visit and we are praying for a way to be made for them to get to have her.  We know that God has a plan and they are trying so hard to be patient and listen to what He has planned.
and another thankful moment was knowing that Jessi and Ariel were finally able to see the house that they had built for his Mother.  Her home was literally falling down around her.  Every year, she had to move out during the rainy season because it flooded.  She is finally settled in the home they built on the property after the old one was torn down.  Now it is her home that the neighbors go to when it rains!
We ended the month celebrating my Mom's 80th birthday.  We all piled into my Dad's rig and drove to Little Creek Resort and Spa in Washington for the night.
When we arrived we all had lunch and then settled in for a massage.
Dad does not like massages, so he spent his time rounding up Mom's favorite champagne for an after massage party for all of us in their room.
 HAHAHA!  Mom thought that pile of presents were for her.  not really.
 The next morning, we went to the Chihuly Glass Museum in Tacoma.  Such amazing glasswork!
 And suddenly here we are in December.  I have spent the week decorating, baking and shopping for gifts.  I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season.

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