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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

 SIXTY!!  I can not believe that I am already 60 years!  I used to think that was old.  But I don't feel old at all.  And now I don't think 60 is old after all.  I had two parties, one with my parents and sisters and brother-in-law and one with Jessi and family. 
Since we were gone to Dennis and Abby's place for Easter with Gabe and Daniel, I had a little Easter here with Josiah and Arianna and Lina.  We made little cars out of Twinkies with a Peep rabbit driving.  Lina especially loved it. lol
Driving through Sandy one day, I spotted a sign for Donkey Basketball coming up at the high school.  They did it wayyyy back when I was in high school as a fund raiser for FFA and they are still doing it.  They put little rubber shoes on the donkeys and the riders try to get them to move across the floor to make a basket.  Most of the time they end up getting off and pulling the donkey across the floor. 
 Josh had his final year in track as a middle schooler.  He did great as always.  Not only is he a great runner, he is an even better person.  I see him after every meet going up to the other runners on his team and encouraging them.

 Lina is walking everywhere now, and has even started running to keep up with those two older kids.  She is talking like crazy, repeating everything she hears. 
 She was pretty excited getting to ride the 4-wheeler for the first time.  Josiah and Arianna were so excited to see her on it.
Springtime has arrived with every color of green possible.  I stand and stare at it all so amazed at how many shades of green there are out there.

We had a huge hail storm giving us a covering of hail.  I am still disappointed that we didn't get snow, but it was pretty cool watching that hail pound down.
 I know that these sunrises are never going to get boring.  I am in awe every time I watch it.
 One morning, I saw this huge cloud slowing moving across the canyon.  I started taking photos as it rolled over,

 I have been checking in and out at Blue Lake to see my goose family.  For a few weeks, I could not find them.  Then a couple of weeks ago, there they were!  With 6 new babies.  I don't know where Baby Goose was, I think he was with that other goose in the water.  When he came out of the water, Papa Goose chased him back in.
 What I think is so amazing is that they know me, they know my voice!  The last time I was at the park, there were 4 families there together.  As I walked towards them, they all started walking away, the adults were hissing at me.  Then I started talking to them, saying "Which ones are you?  Come on over here"  and one set of geese came right over!  The rest kept on walking.  I didn't even have the food out yet!  I zoomed in on the face and for sure it was MY goose!  I know because she has little flecks of white in the black part by her beak. It made me think of the Bible verse...
"My sheep hear  My voice, I know them and they follow Me."  John10:27
I know, they are geese and I am not God.

The flowers at this place are all bursting out. Every time I walk outside, I see something else that has bloomed.  
 A few days ago, John and I had worked outside all day, the sky started getting dark and we decided it was time to go in.  But instead of going inside we sat on the deck under the cover and watched as the storm clouds circled over the mountain.  Thunder and lighting going and huge drops of rain fell.  These clouds made it look like a tornado was about to hit.  I tried my best to get a shot of lightning, but after a zillion shots, I didn't even get one.  It is my new challenge.