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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

 February came and went already.
It has been an amazing month of great weather.  I  am still in awe of waking up to scenes like this.  God is such an artist!

 John's brother Mark and his wife Terri came from Montana for a visit.  We enjoyed the sunny weather sitting outside and soaking in the warmth.  I can't believe that I didn't take a photo of them!
 Terri told me that she makes her own yogurt.  Now, I have heard that some people do that, but I thought it was way to complicated to even try it.  Terri made it sound so simple that I just had to give it a go.  I would like to say that it turned out perfect the first time, but no such luck.  But my next batch was perfect!  It had a sweetness to it without even adding sugar.  I have already made a second batch.  It is so good.  
 I love the contrast of the trees in the valley.
 The foggy mornings are almost as good as the sunny ones.

The day after Mark and Terri left, we hopped into the truck and headed to Dennis and Abby's place to celebrate Gabe's birthday.  We took the route over through Bend and down instead of the usual I-5 boring route.  As we neared California, a view of Mt. Shasta came into view that I have never seen before.  I loved the way the clouds were around the mountain, it made it look like it was erupting.

Gabe is taking Martial Arts.  It was fun to watch his new moves.
 Dennis took us to see the new CARD office building.  What a great view!
 Party time!!!
 Gabe and Daniel checking out one of his gifts.
 The birthday boy is 6!
 I love palm trees.
The drive home.  More snow.  

 We arrived back home to spring flowers bursting out in our new yard.  It is pretty 
cool discovering all the surprises that this yard is hiding.

We ended the month celebrating Jessi's 36th birthday.  How can my BABY be 36???!!! Her birthday is the 28th.  She was born on a leap year.  By Caesarian.  The doctor told me that I could pick the day.  At the time, I thought I wanted her to have an actual birthday every year, but now I wish I would have picked the 29th.  That way she would only be 9 years.