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Sunday, February 21, 2016

I don't know how it is that time keeps flying by!  I know I keep saying it, but I just can't keep from being amazed at how fast time goes now.  I was going through my photos to get ready to post here and came across this one I took of Bazzle at Christmas time.  It was cracking me up watching him watch TV.  I have only seen him actually sit up and watch it a few times, once there was a bird show on and he was really into it.  Another time, he was attacking the speakers trying to get to the source of the bird sounds.  This time there was a cat show on and he was glued to that screen.   
Well, January came as it always does right after Christmas.  The second is John's birthday.  This birthday hit me harder than most, suddenly my son  is 40!!!  Now how can he be 40 when that is the age I feel?  (Well, on the inside anyway.)  I am going to be 60 this year and that does not make me feel anything like what I feel with my son turning 40.  
One of the Christmas gifts to Arianna and Josiah was tickets to see a Disney show, Mickey's Magic Show.  They got themselves all dressed up, Arianna as Elsa and Josiah was a dragon.  We had a great time watching them watch the show.  Hot dogs in our seats before it began was a fun dinner, but take my warning, before you promise them a bag of cotton candy at intermission, make sure you have a full wallet...$12 for one tiny little bag!!!  yikes...I was wishing for some of Mickey's Magic to fill the wallet back up.
One of my favorite things to do this month has been going to watch Arianna at the ballet class she just started.  She just soaks it up!  I have never seen her so serious and absorbing all she is learning.  I know I am her grandma, but take a look, she is the one next to the you see any of the other girls with such perfect ballet form?  look at those ballet feet and arms and hands!  really!
 Lina was dedicated at their church.  So happy that all three of my kids have found a place to worship and serve and raise their families.
 So taking photos isn't the only hobby of mine...I just finished a little sweater for Lina.
The end of the month was Emily's birthday.  I drove down and then SHE drove us to get some ice cream, one of her favorite things.  17 years old!!  Now when I was 17, that was a time I can remember time would not move fast enough!!!
 Here are a few of my favorite view photos of the month.  Some days you only get a peek of that mountain.
Other days you get no mountain, but oh, that fog is gorgeous.
 This day the peak was spotlighted as the sun was about to set for the day.
 It is so awesome to wake up to THIS!
The clouds just rolled over and put a cap on the mountain.
But some days you only get this...oh well, it still has its own beauty.  When I stand outside to get the photo, it is so awesome just to hear that river down below rushing past, even if I can't see it.
 I think we get all those cloudy rainy foggy days to make days like these so much more appreciated.