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Friday, December 31, 2010

I have a bit of catching up to do here! As always, life got a little busy and my blog was put on the back burner. The first of December, Jessi's college room mate came for a visit to meet Josiah. She brought her baby with her and the girls spent the weekend in a whole different way than they probably ever imagined...comparing notes on their babies, feeding, burping, changing diapers and SLEEPING...not quite what their first days at college were like at all! We took a quick trip to the mall and Jessi realized that she needed to have Josiah sit on Santa's lap, we found the cutest Santa suit in a store and he was a hit! Everyone was stopping to take a look of him on Santa's lap. I know, I am the Grandma, but he was the cutest thing!The week before Christmas, John's sister Martha and her husband came for dinner when they stopped in to see his parents for a night before they headed to meet their kids for Christmas. It has been a long time since we saw them and we enjoyed the night with them, John's parents and our other brother-in-law Jack. (Pictures are going to be loaded up of them later when I get home, don't have them here with me)

Christmas was so good, as always! Christmas Eve, John and Rachel and Emily and Joshua showed up. John's parents, came out too and we all had a really nice time eating dinner, and then opening up presents. The kids stay the night and we are SUPPOSED to open gifts in the morning...but they always start in on me to let them open them early, it has become a game with us...each year I say "No way! This year we are waiting!" and they begin begging and begging, knowing full well that they will be having presents before they go to bed. As Emily and Joshua have grown up so much, the gifts have not been as 'fun' to buy, so this year it was extra fun to buy baby toys again now that we have another baby in the family.
We had brunch at our place in the morning and then headed on over to Grandma and Grandpa McCool's place, the guys wanted to watch the Laker game, then we had our usual Christmas feast, Grandma had a new game with race cars that we were in teams for, Lindy and Matt won, after that came gifts and dessert. Before we knew it another Christmas was over.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

For a second year, Cyndi asked if she could use my pictures for the print shop calendar that she sends out to clients each year. I put the ones I like best on a CD and give it to them. From there, I have no idea what they will do with them. It is always so fun for me to open up each page and see which ones they chose out of the hundreds I gave her. I loved the one last year and this one is just as good for me. The cover turned out really cool, (yes, I know, 'Cool Printing') they took a sliver of each month's picture and made a rainbow.

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