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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Christmas, my parents gave my sisters and me a ticket to ride the train from Hood River up to Parkdale. We decided to wait until fall to go so that we could see all the colors of the leaves. Our trip was last Sunday. It was so nice, we munched on brunch as we rode along, taking in the view and me of course taking tons of pictures. The leaves are late changing this year, but it was pretty anyway, with a perfect sunny fall day.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It has been a busy month here!
Jessi arrived on the 17th of September, with a HUGE belly! She looks sooo cute pregnant! It has been nonstop ever since she got here. Doctor appointments, shopping, painting, sewing, knitting, lunches out, cooking the foods she is always craving even when she is not pregnant, visiting family and friends and registering at Baby’s R Us for the shower her aunts are giving her.

I have never had a baby’s room at this house. What used to be called Dennis’ room, then the ‘blue room’ is now the ‘BABY’S ROOM’. First off, we went to buy the crib. We got it assembled. She picked out turquoise for the walls, and a brown for some stripes around the top as a border. Good thing that I like to paint, right? We went to the fabric store and found the perfect fabric for a sheet, ruffle, and curtain and I got to work sewing next. Then she found some awesome stars that light up that made for the finishing touch. She even has some baby clothes hung in the closet and in the drawers already! I still want to recover the rocker and hope that we have new carpet in before our little guy arrives. That royal blue carpet just does not blend well with turquoise walls.

All the doctor reports have been so good since she got back, and each day her belly seems to grow and grow. (She says I am allowed to say that for one month more and then I HAVE to stop!) The baby is so active, I love it that she is here and I get to feel him moving and kicking, I can’t wait to have him in my arms. Ariel’s visa appointment is on the 21st and we are pretty hopeful that he is going to arrive before the baby does.

On the ‘Gabriel’ front, Dennis and Abby are still waiting for a date to travel to pick up our other little guy. His latest health report says he “Gathers both hands and plays with hands and feet, Babbles often, laughs and giggles” So hard waiting to have him with us too! Just knowing that he is OURS and we can’t have him yet is almost cruel! At least it is to a GRANDMA!!! Just WHY does it take so long to finish up some paperwork? I wish I had a new picture to post, but they have only sent us the one that I already posted.

Both boys so close and yet so far!

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