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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring rolled in early this year.  Instead of the usual winter weather in March, the trees began to blossom.  The little tree in my yard was full of red buds, it looked like it was full of cherries.  
They began popping and in a short time the tree was covered in blossoms.

 The tulips are well as the dandelions.  Which sure made these tiny slugs happy.  

The geese are still flying in all directions, I don't think they know which way to go with this strange weather.  The lake is full of them.  I am pretty sure it is mating season.  One day when I was there they were in groups making so much noise and shaking their long necks and hissing at each other.  

It was such great weather, we were able to take walks to the park with the grandkids.  Without Coats!

Arianna loves picking the flowers.

Jessi's family took off for the Dominican Republic. Before they left, I took them in for a pre-vacation pedicure.  It was the first time for Arianna and she was so cute.  They even have a special kid sized pedi-chair for little ones.  
Lina didn't get a pedi, but instead I made her some tiny little flip flops.
Bonnie and I decided to try to shoot the cherry blossoms in Salem at the Capital building this year.  We were a bit late to get them in their prime, but it was still pretty.  

My photography group met up and shot Blue Hour at the waterfront in Portland at the end of the month. Blue Hour is the hour after sunset and before sunrise.  The hour after sunrise and before sunset is called Golden Hour.  

Mt. Hood from the Jonsrud viewpoint in Sandy.

John and I have begun the hunt for a house and some property.  About once a week we take a drive around the area looking for what might be out there.  Hopefully by fall we will be moving, but we are in no hurry, just taking our time to find just the right place.  So far we have found some places we like, each one has most of the things we are looking for, but one big thing that we don't like.  I know that the perfect place is out there, and am glad I don't have any pressure to hurry up and decide. 
You never know what is around the next corner.