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Monday, January 20, 2014

(translation below)
¡Ariel, Feliz Cumpleaños!  
Me puse muy feliz cuando Jessi anunció que ella había conocido a un hombre que ella nos quería conocer.  Era cristiano. Ella nos dijo que él le hace sentirse feliz, él le gusta estar con ella, él le hace reír, y siempre hace cosas para hacerle especial, como tocar a su puerta y darle un plato de comida, haciendo jugo para ella y Candice y otros pocos regalos como esto.  Él siempre estaba pensando en cosas para demostrarle felicidad, manejando a un lugar que se llama Sea Horse Ranch, para enseñar a ella un poco de su país y escapar un poco.  Ella dijo que se sentía ADORADA.  ¡Claro, esta es una cosa que todas las madres quieren para sus hijas!  Por ella conocer a un hombre que le adora, que quiere lo mejor para ella.  Yo sé que tú has dado todo por tomarle como tu esposa, dejando tu casa, tu familia para mudarte aquí.  Nunca era tu intención dejar la Republica Dominicana, pero sabías que fuera lo mejor para el futuro de tu familia.  Te has costado mucho por cosas difíciles como: culture shock, la soledad, el nostálgico, y el trabajo de aprender inglés.  Fue duro, pero tú no te has dado por vencido.  Muchísimas gracias por tu fidelidad!  Por mirando al cuadro grande…el futuro.  Recuerda tu promesa a mí cuando le pidió a John para casarte con Jessi.  Tú me dijiste “Tu felicidad fue la felicidad de Jessi”  Gracias por darle felicidad.  

Ariel, Happy Birthday!  
It was such a happy thing to have Jessi announce to us that she had met somebody she wanted us to meet.  She told us that he made her feel so happy, he really wanted to be with her, he made her laugh and always was doing things to make her feel special , like knocking on  her door and handing her a plate of food, making sure there was always fresh home made juice in her refrigerator.  He was always thinking up ways to show her happiness, driving her to a place called Sea Horse Ranch, so she could feel a little piece of home and luxury.  She said she felt ADORED.  Of course that is what every mother wants for her daughter!  To have her find a man that adores her, who wants the best for her, no matter what.  I know that you have given your all in becoming her husband, you have left your home and your family to move here.  It was never your intention to leave the Dominican Republic, but you knew it was best for your family’s future.  You have struggled with so many things, culture shock, loneliness, homesickness, and the horrible task of learning English.  You have done well not to give up.  Thanks so much for hanging in there! For looking at the big picture, the future.   Hold on to your promise that you made to me when you asked John if you could marry Jessi.  You said “ YOUR  happiness was Jessi’s happiness”  Thanks for giving her happiness. 

Happy Birthday to Emily!
I can not believe how fast the years have gone!  She turns 15 today!  That means she will be getting her permit soon.  And Driving a Real Car!  She is beautiful inside and out.  Perfect in every way, well except that she lives too far away from me.  This is the first year that she is Not having a family birthday party.  It seems so weird to not be headed down there to watch her open her gifts and eat cake with her.  But we will be taking her shopping next weekend and having her and Joshua overnight, so that is good.  She is going to hate that I used this photo, she never likes her photos, but it is the most recent one I had and  I won't have a traditional birthday cake shot to post.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013
Well, I passed right over Christmas to celebrate Johnjr's birthday.  It wasn't because I forgot about Christmas, it was because I had not had time to go through all the photos I took.  Here are a few shots from our Christmas Eve.  This year was so untraditional for our dinner.  We had bacon wrapped tenderloin that Johnjr barbecued for us outside while we all watched through the window inside by the fireplace. Jessi made twice baked potatoes and I did the salad, soup, vegetable and home made rolls.  We finished off with our traditional birthday cake for JESUS, apple pie and cheesecake.  Christmas Day started out with the ever popular oatmeal pancakes, hash-browns and pepper bacon.  In the afternoon, we all headed over to the McCool house and had traditional Christmas dinner there.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, John!
I can not believe that you are 38!  You are my first born, the baby that I learned how to be a mommy on.  You put up with so much from me!  I love your sense of humor and quick wit.  Your Dad can always tell that I am talking on the phone to you by my laughter.  I loved you as a baby, for all you taught me, I loved you as a little kid for keeping me in shape with all your energy and I still love that energy you have for life!  I love the man you have become.  I wish I could take more credit for it, I am so proud of you!  I love your organizational skills, which began early, no kid ever kept a room as clean and in order as you did.  I love how you devote yourself to a project and plan out every detail, making sure it is perfect.  I love your commitment to your family.  I love that you have God as the center of your life and that your walk with him is evident to others. 
I love you!  Momxo